Interesting Stats on Women vs. Men Business Owners

I have made it a point to focus much of my marketing on women-owned businesses. For some of the reasons why, take a look at this study from the Center for Women’s Business Research comparing woman-owned businesses to man-owned businesses with more than $1 Million in revenues:

Women are more likely than men to have been the founder of the business (73% to 60%) rather than have purchased, inherited or acquired in another way.

Women are less likely than men to use commercial loans or lines of credit (56% to 70%).

Women are less likely to have raised money from outside investors (4% to 11%).

Women were ahead of men in their adoption of the Internet and ecommerce as a business growth strategy (58% to 35%).

(From the Rhonda Report at The Planning Shop)

One Response to Interesting Stats on Women vs. Men Business Owners
  1. Chrissy
    January 1, 2005 | 10:54 pm

    I have to say, the report is right on the money. I own a web design firm in San Diego, My husband and I started the company from scratch about 7 years ago while taking care of his elderly father. We discussed at length the idea of borrowing money right off to get the business off the ground but finally decided against it. We have made it work through hard work and spending wisely. It can be done! Also, I believe marketing to women is a very intellegent decision in today’s market.

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