To Insure Prompt Service

Not sure how this fits in with legal marketing and client service, but I found a fascinating article over at about one man’s attempt to bribe/tip his way into New York’s trendiest restaurants. Thanks to Marginal Revolution for the link.

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  1. blake
    April 14, 2004 | 1:09 pm

    Esquire has a series of articles about the $20 millionaire. He buys his way into restaurants, cuts to the head of buffet lines, has a garbage can full of ice and a gallon of milk delivered to his hotel room, $20 to a homeless guy to bring him a cell phone on the street.

    Not quite as classy as the Epicurious story but it shows how $20/$50/$100 can get you almost anywhere. I’m still too chicken to try it, though.

  2. Carolyn Elefant
    April 14, 2004 | 8:25 pm

    Many years ago, I was in Kinko’s at 1 am, preparing for my first jury trial. I needed to get color copies of certain exhibits made that evening but even though the store was empty, the clerk said the copies couldn’t be made until morning. I was under so much stress that I started to cry when an guy in his 50’s also apparently doing some kind of business approached me and told me to offer them money to get the job done. He then approached the counter and slipped the Kinko’s counter person a $20.00 on my behalf. It did work in that my copies were made that night, but I paid a price in the long run. Ever the enterprising solo, I exchanged business cards with the guy and he called several weeks later asking me to lunch to discuss some “cases.” After talking about my practice, he took my hand and started stroking it at which point I realized that he thought of this not as a business lunch but a date! Even more horrifying, when I asked whether he’d seen my wedding ring and engagement ring (which are fairly prominent) he said he had but thought that I was interested in something on the side. What a creep! But I’m reminded of this guy everytime I see these stories about slipping someone a $20 to get a job done.

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