Don’t Sell Like This.

Yesterday, I received two after-hour voice mails that went something like this, "Hi, I’m Bill Johnson and I have some clients in your area in urgent need of a matrimonial lawyer.  Please give me a call as soon as you can at XXX-XXX-XXXX."  The number is not toll-free, but a long distance number on the west coast.  I’m not calling it this time, but I’ve fallen for this ruse before.  The caller is not an attorney seeking to refer a client, but rather LegalMatch, a for-pay lawyer referral company.  They don’t have a client in "urgent need of my services," but want me to sign up for their costly service to have them send me prospects.  Many lawyers I’ve spoken to don’t think highly of the company’s claims.  I can’t vouch for their services, but their deceitful telephone pitch really pisses me off.   If they are trying to sell me a product, tell me so. 

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  1. Kevin O'Keefe
    April 4, 2004 | 5:52 pm

    You are not the first lawyer to be turned off by Legal Match and what they describe as deceitful sales tactics. I’m active in the very active maclaw listserv. A lawyer on the list asked about Legal Match. I never saw lawyers go so far out of their way to alert other lawyers of a bad experience with a company.

    Lawyers said the sales tactics used by salespeople who knew nothing about how lawyers operated were heavy handed and offensive. Lawyers were told Legal Match had people who needed the services of the lawyer and then given a sales pitch which avoided the cost while at the end of the day the lawyer discovered there were no clients the lawyer could afford to take on.

    Though a service helping people find good lawyers may be warranted, if it is a run by a start up who may be using non-lawyer sales people on high commission sales, my guess is the service will only have limited success. Lawyers may be the most gullible people when it comes to salespeople and the desire to get new clients but lawyers are smart enough to only get burned once. A good company knows its customers and is looking for life long relationships with customers, not a one time sale.

    Keep up the great work Matt.

    – Kevin

  2. Randy Wells
    April 6, 2004 | 12:46 pm

    Greetings from LegalMatch

    I read your commentary with interest. It is important to understand that we upghold our attorney relationships in the highest regard.
    Our “start up” days are over, and we are respected throughout the legal community. We never contact an attorney unless we have more clients coming to us for help, than we have attorneys in our system. This system has proven to be very sucessful for our members. We do not use “high pressure” sales people. In fact, close to half of our attorney allocation managers have their J.D. and many have been in practice.

    Our process is simply to interview attorneys that have responded to our call to help clients. We don’t quote pricing until we have a very clear understanding of the geographical area of practice, the preference within the specialty, and the years of experience. Quoting a fee schedule prior to understanding the needs of the attorney, and the practice of law they are involved in, would be akin to going to see a Doctor and asking he/she for a procedural price before even having an examination.

    We are approaching this process responsibly, and reasonably, for the people who have asked us for help. Some Attorneys don’t like to be interviewed and have their records scrutinized. The public trusts us, and we will not betray that trust. You can’t “buy” your way into LegalMatch. We reject many attorney applications
    due to past disciplinary problems, but even more, due to NOT having a client flow that can support the Attorney practice. It sounds like you haven’t reviewed the site thoroughly. Please go to, and go into the Lawyer join section. Our company history, press releases, and testimonials should give a fairly clear picture.

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    April 7, 2004 | 12:30 pm

    Clue Train Manifesto in practice

    There’s an interesting thread going on at the [non]billable hour right now, between Matt Homann, a lawyer, and the CEO of LegalMatch, a company that used fairly aggressive tactics in pitching their services to Matt. Read Matt’s original pos…

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    Cluetrain Manifesto in practice

    There’s an interesting thread going on at the [non]billable hour right now, between Matt Homann, a lawyer, and the CEO of LegalMatch, a company that used fairly aggressive tactics in pitching their services to Matt. Read Matt’s original pos…

  5. tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog
    April 7, 2004 | 12:52 pm

    Cluetrain Manifesto in practice

    There’s an interesting thread going on at the [non]billable hour right now, between Matt Homann, a lawyer, and the CEO of LegalMatch, a company that used fairly aggressive tactics in pitching their services to Matt. Read Matt’s original pos…

  6. Marty S.
    April 13, 2004 | 3:49 pm


    It appears that individuals out there are skeptical about the service, as I was too prior to observing with my own eyes how this Lagalmatch service drastically transform and benefited two of my fellow attorneys’ practices.

    Additionally, I have also observed another attorney who wanted to acquire and join the service being turned down by the LegalMatch stuff since he did not meet their allocation criteria and other ethical standard criteria. It seems that Legalmatch truly ensures that high standards and professionalism will be delivered via their service.
    It was actually after I heard of that attorney being turned down by the service, that I gained much respect for the Legalmatch service!

    Yes, Legalmatch did contact me initially (actually long time ago) via phone attempting to explain me about their service, and Yes I was bothered a bit, annoyed and a bit resentful.
    However, it is now that I am looking to contact them for their service and willing to make the initial investment to get those same results I’ve seen other attorneys getting via Legalmatch(vs. phone ads, referral services, community relation…)

    We often tend to resist new concepts that come our way and just dismiss them for being new and unique, even if they are truly revolutionary and highly beneficial. Many industries around us are constantly evolving, and it seems to me that we should embrace and encourage useful, revolutionary concept such as the one Legalmatch provides us.

    I would recommend other attorneys prior to being turned down by their phone calls and other sale techniques, to really look into the dept and substance of what they are trying to offer us. I was one of the critics before, who is now making the step to embrace the benefits of this service…
    Myself and many other attorneys, speaking to lately, are all of the view that this revolutionary, LegalMatch service is a true benefit to our industry. Believed it worth mentioning as food for thought!

    -Marty S.

  7. Alex
    April 21, 2004 | 2:22 pm

    Marty, I find it interesting to note that you are not, as of yet, a Legalmatch subscriber, yet you seem to be a big proponent of it. In fact, the mere knowledge of another attorney (that you “observed”) being turned DOWN by the service seems to be one of your highest praises FOR Legalmatch. Snobbery as an asset? Maybe in high school, but not in our (you are a lawyer, right? No seriously) field.

    Just my thoughts.

  8. Marty
    April 26, 2004 | 3:08 pm

    You are entitled to question my opinion. However, I did form it after a thorough evaluation of the LegalMatch service.
    I simply encourage others to evaluate the service themselves as it is a realistic solution for many who practice out there and looking for a better method to generate more clients.

    P.S Also, I must say that I’m discouraged from continuing in this discussion with individuals who clearly know Nothing about the Legal industry, making personal attacks rather then Sticking to the point of the discussion and having an email by the name of BootyCall….
    Truly unprofessional!!!

  9. prof. yabut's journal
    May 20, 2004 | 6:30 pm

    LegalMatch Founder Indicted

    Dmitri Shubov , founder of LegalMatch , was indicted yesterday “for allegedly hacking into the voicemail system of an Irvine competitor [] and deleting messages,” according to an

  10. Justin McInerny
    May 21, 2004 | 6:36 pm

    I have been with Legal Match for a year and on a scale of one to ten I will give it a five. I was just given the hard sell by a Casepost sales person who badmouthed Legal Match. I suppose the indictment was what she was hinting at when she badmouthed Legal Match. Nevertheless, I got several cases for my criminal practice and they worked out pretty well but not so well that I am a true believer. I made money on the deal but not as much as I would have liked to have made. C’est la vie. I will allocate my marketing budget to other places.

  11. shelley
    May 22, 2004 | 2:57 pm

    I was the subject of a very heavy handed and aggressive sales pitch taking several hours over a few days. The rep needed to know NOW, RIGHT NOW, whether I would go with the service. I had decided to take the plunge, although wondering why in 5 years the potentially lucrative allocations of PI, Med Mal and products had not been grabbed up in N.J. — there are certainly pleanty of PI lawyers here. I also disliked the fact they there were no references (ridiculous for a legitimate company), that the fee was exorbitant, that the contract was completely lopsided with no guarantee of even a minimal number of leads, say 10 per month (the rep noted several times that she expected me to see 300-400 cases a year!!), and no cancellation clause. I also note that Dun & Bradstreet lists 30 employees but the legal match website says they have 150. Further, I couldn’t get a straight answer to any questions involving real facts, i.e., how many lawyers do you allow per # of client leads in any particular allocation area?

    However, I do have a colleague who paid 1/2 the fee offered to me for another field and it seems to be working for him. So based on that, I decided to proceed.

    Now I find out that the CEO has been indicted!! I haven’t yet signed the contract yet so I’m bowing out.

    Shelley Stangler

  12. Lynette
    May 28, 2004 | 11:59 pm

    Unfortunately, I was one of the salespeople at Legalmatch. For a very short time. (There are hundreds of us, and most of us were lied to as much or more than the attorneys.) Most attorneys did not have great success with the service, although they hid that from the sales people. The reason? People shop for free advice or post their cases for fun. They rarely hire an attorney. Yet, there is enough volume of these non-cases being posted to keep justifying the demand for “more attorneys” – i.e., more “allocations.” With high volume/high pressure sales tactics, extreme turnover of commission-only salespeople, and the real difficulty many attorneys have in getting clients, Legalmatch keeps getting people to sign up and hand over thousands of dollars. (Non-refundable once you’ve used the system – read the contract. And just try to get your money back from them if you’re unhappy.)

    Not a big surprise to me that Shubov was indicted.

  13. shelley stangler
    June 1, 2004 | 2:19 pm

    Lynette – if you read this post could you please contact me. I have a renegotiated package that does look good from Randi Wells…most friends/attorneys are telling me not to touch this, just do my own web site…but unless I’m at the top of every search engine, that isn’t going to help my practice.
    Shelley Stangler

  14. marie
    June 27, 2004 | 6:01 pm


    Seems like everything you said is 100% correct. I’m glad you illustrated how the scham continues to play on.

    If you are considering spending your hard earned money on this service, you should begin by knowing
    sales reps know the cost of membership for every practice area in every part of the country; its easily located on the Legalmatch pricing chart!!

    However, if you ask for cost up-front you get told an “interview” needs to be conducted so your experience level, type of cases you handle, etc. can be discussed.

    This is BULL!!, Its simply to coerce you to engage in 1-2 hour sales process, at the end of which you’ll be asked to make a decision (NOW!!) because clients in that area are “under-presented”!

    Oh, the reason D&B states 30 employees is because there is only 30. LegalMatch lies in company literature including their website. Sales Reps are Independant Contractors who report to the office, worked continually on the same schedule but are paid no salary and only receive commissions when new lawyers make payments. In effect, they are probably treated exactly like employees, but LegalMatch saves money by violating employment law. Sound pretty ethical right?

    It’s sad and I hope you attorneys heed our warning! Keep your chips elsewhere. Alas, some will never learn!!

  15. jack
    July 15, 2004 | 5:51 pm

    I’m actually considering working for Casepost as an independent sales rep. My initial imporession is that they sell hard, but that they’re pretty much above board – I’ve seen all the negative commentary out there about Legal Match. Any attorneys experienced with Casepost who can comment?

  16. Kevin
    July 20, 2004 | 9:37 pm

    Actually Jack, I would stay away from All of the horrible sales tactics talked about here about LegalMatch are creations of their former VP of Sales. That guy was fired for these tactics back in January and LegalMatch has been softening their pitches, begun paying bases to sales people and actively cleaning up their image ever since. What you read here are residual comments from people who were around back then. Most of those people have now been let go or have left. on the other hand has adopted those same ‘hard sell’ tactics that have gotten LegalMatch in trouble. Like LegalMatch a few years ago, they have to ‘sell hard’ because their product just doesn’t deliver since they haven’t been marketing it much. They also will continue to bring on lawyers in an area even if they don’t have cases in order to pay their startup costs. LegalMatch has been able to drop those tactics because it no longer needs them.

    From what I know, hires at least 50 people a month and only has 50 people on their sales team (all independent contractors without a base). You can do the math on their turn over rates. And, unlike LegalMatch now, they don’t pay bases and pay smaller commissions. Give Casepost a few months and their blog comments will be at least as bad as LegalMatch’s. I just hope you don’t get screwed by them before then.

    And, in case you are wondering, yes I worked for LegalMatch up until recently.

  17. Maury
    August 31, 2004 | 5:20 pm

    I have heard the pitches from Casepost (also affiliated with CaseMatch, and They are the same in presentation and effect. I also subscribed to LegalMatch with minimal return on investment.

    For your review pleasure, here are the other directories out there that I have found. The comments below are opinion only and the prices maybe dated.


    • This is a doorway page for See for more information.
    • A general site which has as one component legal information. It lists professionals including attorneys in each state with multiple areas of law at a cost of $14.95 per month. They offer a guarantee of 30 views per month or the listing for that month is free. Additional costs apply for premium listings, enhanced listings and traffic figures. This is a new site without much current visibility. I, personally, have never encountered this web site in my internet searches (which are extensive) for law related web sites. They offer a 14 day free trial, but you must provide a credit card number. The site claims that it averages over 1.5 million searches from prospective customers looking for advice from businesses each month. Visibility= C Cost= A
    • See Attorney Locate.
    • Attorney listings are available in general categories for a fee of between $60 to $125 depending on the legal category. . Visibility= B Cost= B
    • This web site apparently never was launched although it purports to have a directory of lawyers. It cannot be found on the major search engines. Visibility= F Cost= ?
    • Potential clients visiting this site may choose their state and county and submit a question or legal problem to an attorney by filling out a form. That question is then forwarded to an appropriate attorney in that area for a response. Other than this question form, the site has no content. Visibility= C Cost= ?
    • This also uses Attorney listings are limited in each area of law. Despite the wonderful domain name, this web site is not very well ranked or visible on the major search engines. This organization has related web sites for dentists and other professionals. The web site includes a slick video presentation attempting to convince you to list on their site and pay for other advertising services as well. The main thrust of this web site’s marketing plan is to include a 1-800-Attorney telephone number from which potential clients are referred to subscribing attorneys. Although the web site video claims it has great success and use, I have never seen an advertisement for it. Presumably, the marketing of this web site has not been launched in many geographic areas. Visibility= C Cost= ?
    • is featured as “Low Cost Lawyers” among first page search results on search engines including and AOL. Listing as a low cost attorney may not be a very good idea. For a limited time, the site is offering Charter Listings at $10.00/month. Visibility= D Cost= A
    • This web site is part of It was apparently recently purchased and developed as of 1/07/04. The cost of a listing is $145 per year. This site contains a National Database of attorneys separated by state. There are no separate listings for counties within the state or under area of law. This web site has poor ranking and visibility and includes little in the way of content. Visibility= D Cost= C+
    • This site also uses the domain names and and and This is not a very attractive site. It also has no content. It boasts on its site that it receives over 200,000 visitors each month. It does appear in search engines periodically and, thus does have some value. The site lists attorneys and has a searchable database by state and area of law. The cost is $100 per year per category of law. Essentially this is a case of you get what you pay for. Visibility= C Cost= B
    • This web site includes legal articles and legal merchandise. The site itself claims to attract between 250,000 and 400,000 unique visitors each month. However, I have not noticed it very highly ranked in major search engines. Visibility= C Cost= ?
    • This is part of the network of sites. It began primarily as a web site development page which offers to create attorney web sites (which are extremely limited in scope and size and which come primarily as cookie cutter models). It has developed into more of an attorney listing site with very little content to bring back web site visitors. The lawyer listings include the United States with a listing for other countries in a separate database. The U.S. listings are searchable by City, State and area of law. For a listing in 20 practice areas in 5 cities, the cost will run you about $1,400. Listing in 20 areas and in five cities, my web site received over 4000 visitors. I do not know how many of those visitors converted to clients. If you contact AttorneyLocate by telephone, their listed price can be reduced. Visibility= B Cost= B
    • This first page of this web site carried a large photo of Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. I am not exactly certain how a television lawyer is intended to inspire visitors to the web site, but it appears that this site is generally a big swing and a miss. The good news is that currently there is no cost for a listing. The bad news is that the listing form does not appear to work. Visibility= D Cost= A (if it works)
    • This is a poorly designed page with no content. A one year listing is $99. Visibility= D Cost= B-
    • is a lawyer directory that is linked to the web site A listing can be purchased for each area of law and state. The listings have three levels from a free listing to a Platinum Paid listing for the top spot. The Free listing is recommended. The web site has been around for awhile. It was founded in 1991, and is now headed by a non-practicing attorney, Michael S. Lubofsky, Esq., President. Visibility= C Cost= A
    • This is a doorway page for See for more information.
    • This is another domain name used by See Legal Match below.
    • A crude site with attorney listings by city and state but without separation by area of law. The cost is bearable at $20 per year. . Visibility= C- Cost= A+
    • This site began as a listing of attorneys in Western States. It has expanded its scope to include most states for a low annual cost of $95 per year. Unfortunately, the web site is not well ranked and as a result has little traffic. Visibility= F Cost= C-
    • This web site is more like a job board. A professional in one of many different areas (including finance, real estate, law and more) may post a profile at a price per month. That professional may then bid on legal jobs offered by businesses or receive employment or contract offers on various projects from businesses. Visibility= F Cost= C
    • You guessed it, a directory of lawyers in the Boston area. The web site is new and does not appear to be operating as of February 6, 2004. Visibility= F Cost= ?
    • Case Match is a fairly new web site that was recently purchased by It claims to prescreen lawyers which will allow users to find a qualified lawyer in their quick search. The cost of a listing is not available on the web site and you must send an e-mail and sit through a sales pitch to determine the cost. The cost is $2,700 for two areas of law per year. Visibility= C Cost= C
    • This web site is affiliated with and and recently purchased Clients log in and list their legal questions. Those questions are then forwarded to subscribing attorneys by e-mail. For a response. Information about a listing can be accessed at link to I was quoted a cost of $4,394 but if you sign up in 24 hours, the cost is reduced $1,755 Visibility= B Cost= C-.
    • This is a small quaint web site that includes attorney listings in each state at a low cost. The cost changes from year to year and is not available online. You must e-mail the site owner to determine the annual listing fee. Visibility= D Cost= A
    • This web site is dedicated to selling web pages to lawyers who do not have them. Additionally, it has a number of attorney listing sites in different areas of law. For the most part, these listings (basic) can be obtained at no cost. Visibility= B+ Cost= A
    • A directory of professionals which includes real estate agents and lawyers operated by Franklin Storage Systems. The cost of a listing is not located on the web site.
    • This is a doorway page for See for more information.
    • Law firms register without charge by completing an on-line registration form with contact information as well as other data about the firm (e.g., location, firm size, bar memberships, and technological capability). The person registering on behalf of the law firm is then sent an e-mail to validate the user’s e-mail address; the individual enters his or her user information as well as the firm’s areas of expertise upon returning to the site. Information about the firm may be seen by registered corporations seeking outside legal counsel and proposals for legal representation are submitted. Visibility= D Cost= A+
    • Offers state by state listings of Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms by state and topic. It is unclear how a listing is obtained or the cost. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This is a web site owned by West Publishing which derives its attorney listings from Visibility= A Cost= D
    • This is a doorway page for See for more information.
    • This web site is designed for gay and lesbian issues and professionals that are friendly to gay and lesbian issues. A lawyer listing is available at no cost. This is a very visible site for those searching for gay and lesbian issues. Visibility= B+ Cost= A+
    • When you join ASN you are guaranteed a fair rotation through custom software. In other words, every time an attorney receives a referral he/she will be rotated to the bottom of the list giving everybody a fair chance to capitalize on their investment. The web site’s legal analysts will do the initial interview with the client and find out as much information as possible, and if they believe that there is enough merit to the case, they will contact your office for an appointment. At this point you will decide whether or not you want to see the client. Visibility= C Cost= ?
    • is Hieros Accepts articles written by lawyers with a link to their web site. offers by far the international listings. Yearly fee starts at $195 (1-10 lawyers) based on the number of attorneys in the firm. Visibility= C Cost= B+
    • Kasamba has a different slant to than many legal directories currently operating. On Kasamba, a person may list themselves as an expert in many categories from homemaking, to real estate to law. Potential clients will post a question on the web site and the “expert” will be notified by e-mail of that posting. The expert may then quote a price to answer a question or provide representation. There is no cost to listing as an expert and you may decline to answer any question. Visibility= B- Cost= A
    • This site has no listings for Minnesota at this time but may in the future.
    •’s Lawyer Directory is owned and operated by LLC. The listings are searchable by practice area and state. Listings may include as many practice areas as you like for $150 per year. Visibility= D Cost= B
    • This web site has a low visibility on most search engines and lists attorneys based on sponsorships for each state. A basic listing gets your site listed in 3 geographic and practice area categories with your law firms basic description and web site link for $195 per year. A premier listing gets your legal web site listed in 7 practice areas and geographic locations and above the basic listings (although there are few listings in any category currently). Premier listing includes a description of the law firm and a link to your home page and e-mail. It also gets your site listed under the Featured Attorneys section on the sub pages of the legal directory at a cost is $595 per year. Visibility= D Cost= B to C
    • A general law site that includes non-state specific legal articles and listings for each area of law and in each state. This web site generally has second and third page visibility on most search engines. It is unclear how a listing is acquired and listings that do appear do not appear to be particularly relevant to the State or area of law searched. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This site also uses the domain name It is a nice site sponsored by a California law firm. Attorney’s may list their law firm and practice areas for free. Potential clients then submit e-mails based on their area of the country (eg. Midwest) and those messages are sent to all subscribing attorneys who may answer the question and market their services. The problem with this site is that you will receive numerous e-mails that have no bearing on Minnesota issues. The solution is simple for that however —point—delete. Visibility= C Cost= A+
    • This web site is very comprehensive, covering most areas of law and including listings for attorneys, legal experts, process servers and more. It is also very well ranked, appearing in most law related searches on the major search engines. It’s attorney listings are the primary focus of the web site. The listings are searchable by area of law and area code. The site’s visibility and ranking has slipped in recent years. However, it remains a nicely developed site with few attorney listings. Part of the scam with this site is that it asks for three attorney references before allowing a listing. This is requested under the guise that the site is seeking to ensure the quality of its listed attorneys. However, if an attorney cannot provide at least three cronies that would vouch for his professionalism, that person has more problems then legal professionalism. The real purposes, as you may have guessed, is to develop three new leads to solicit for additional attorney listings. The cost is $2550 for the first area of law and $995 after that. They guarantee 800 visits to your web site from the first panel in that year and 750 for the second panel. Visibility= A Cost= B
    • Law offer has potential clients enter facts about their case. Each subscribing lawyer may then solicit that client through a blind response essentially bidding against other lawyers. The site is not well ranked in search engines. The good news is that the price is right. It is free!! Visibility= D- Cost= A+
    • (West Publishing) West Publishing has a searchable attorney database by zip code, state and area of law. It is highly ranked in the search engines, although not as highly as Martindale Hubbell. Its listings are pricey. The prices for a listing are not negotiable and are billed monthly. Premium listings are costly and may run several hundred dollars a month. It has an affiliate site that is called and Visibility= A Cost= C
    • This is a poorly designed web site with clumsy navigation and no content except for the attorney listings. The listing, however, is free and will help build your web site’s link popularity. Visibility= D Cost= A+
    • This is a fairly new site which includes a network of listing attorneys. As part of the listing agreement, the attorney agrees to review potential new client cases at no cost. Those case facts are sent to each attorney via e-mail. The cost for a listing is $1000. You are also charged $25 for each case you decide to review. Visibility= C- Cost= B-
    • there is not ,much information available on this web site including the cost or process for attorneys to list their office. A potential new client visiting the web site fills out a form with a brief description of their legal matter which is then forwarded to a lawyer that contacts the potential client directly. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This web site was developed for legal research and includes a Main Street Attorney Directory. The Mains Street Directory does not appear affiliated with any similar domain name which is an interesting marketing choice. The listing is free but the site has low visibility. Visibility= C- Cost= A+
    • This web site has been around for several years. However, it remains very plain with no content and few registered lawyers in its lawyer directory. There is no information on the web site regarding the cost of a listing. However, with the limited visibility of this web site almost any cost may be too much. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This web site is sponsored by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and provides a database of attorneys for personal injury and criminal defense issues. The cost and process for a listing is unclear from the web site itself. The web site has low visibility on search engines but has recently commenced an e-mail marketing campaign. Visibility= ? Cost= ?
    • (Martindale Hubbell): This site has a pricey paid listing for each state and legal area, plus an Ask-A-Lawyer feature which e-mails legal inquiries to subscribing firms. This site also has an affiliated sites with the same content called and The site includes chat rooms for visitors, articles written by lawyers and more. The national database is searched over 100,000 times a day. has strategic partnerships with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, ABA, AOL and more. The price is not negotiable. Visibility= A+ Cost= C
    • Lawyer connect will send e-mail inquiries from people with legal questions. There are two ways to list on the web site. An attorney can have a free national listing (recommended) or an Exclusive Listings for $500/year. The Free listing requires that a reciprocal link is placed on the attorney’s web site. Visibility= C- Cost= A (Free) B (Exclusive)
    • See below.
    • This site has little content and appears to be primarily a vehicle for banner ad placement in each state by county with a breakdown by area of law. The web site has been in existence since 1993. The site has fairly good visibility. It has no strategic partnerships with search engines or paid internet marketing. Two counties and two areas of law cost $1,295 per year. Visibility= B- Cost= B
    • This is a low ranked site that provides no content other than attorney listings in each state. It is buried in search engine rankings back as far as page 7 or 8. As a result, it appears clear that the site hosts very few attorney listings. The cost of a listing depends on the number of attorneys in the firm beginning with firm that have 1 – 10 lawyers for $175 annually. This fee structure does not make sense since the firm is listed only once on the web site despite the number of attorneys the firm may have. In short, paying more does not increase visibility. Visibility= D Cost= C
    • This is a new web site. This web site has no content and is exclusively a directory listing for lawyers. It has little independent visibility at this time since a marketing plan has not been put in place. However, it does advertise on Google through its Ad Words campaign giving it some visibility under general search terms for lawyers. It has just three areas of law, divorce, personal injury and criminal defense . It also breaks down listings for different areas of the state. The cost is based on population and for the Minneapolis area, for example, the cost is a rather steep $400 per month. Visibility= D Cost= D
    • Lawyer lane is not a highly ranked site on search engines. It has a nice user interface and the attorney listings are front and center. The cost of a listing requires a set up fee of $29.95 and $15 per month for a basic listing or $30 per month for a top listing in each area of practice. Visibility= D Cost= B+
    • This is simply a door way page for
    • This site is affiliated with the mirror sites and Lawchek is a site that sells legal forms. Whereas Lawyerslistings and Lawsonline are sites dedicated to listings of professional web sites. The cost of a listing is free. However, a link and/or phone number are not part of the listing. Visibility= C Cost= A
    • Lawyer Network promotes itself as an internet federation of local law firms that sponsor special interest web site “portals” in the100 largest U.S. metro areas, and in other international business centers. Each special interest web site portal is an online information center about a specific corporate or consumer legal subject. What this web site really does is purchase and cyber squat on law related domain names. Then, for a price, you may use their law firm templates and lease use of their legal names. It is rather expensive and a complete waste of money for the most part. Exclusive territories are available by metropolitan area, city, suburb and zip code at a monthly cost of $1.00/1000 population for territories over 1,000,000 and $1.50/1000 for smaller areas. National sponsorship is available to large firms. I happened on this web site by luck and have never before seen it in any search engine or directory. As a result, it’s visibility is sorely lacking as compared to the price. Visibility= F Cost= F
    • This site is very difficult to find. It has a very low ranking on almost ever search engine and very little observable advertising. I found it through simple curiousity, wondering if the domain name was being used. A two year subscription for a directory listing is available for $129 (a discount from the $129 for a one year listing). This discount is obviously due to the lack of interest in this web site by the general public. The web site lists more than 370 lawyers with more than one third of those lawyers listed in New York. This web site apparently performs better in state specific searches in New York. Visibility= F Cost= A
    • is a web site sponsored by Einstein Industries. Einstein industries have several web sites but none is more visible than is a site that has no content and is solely a second class directory of attorney listings. It breaks down the listings by state and further by geographic area within the state. The areas of law it encompasses includes family law, criminal defense, personal injury, medical malpractice and Worker’s Compensation. Each lawyer may include in his/her listing a biography, location, educational background, legal experience, and contact information. Users locate this web site through paid advertisements on MSN, Yahoo and Google. Participation is limited to three law firms on any of the Priority Pages. The cost is $1,500 per year for each area of law. Visibility= C- Cost= C-
    • Listing attorneys agree to provide legal advice or provide legal representation at discount fees, usually $89 per hour. An attorney may also agree to field e-mail questions or review documents. It has affiliate sites for many areas of law such as The cost of a listing is unknown. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • Legal City is an South Africa’s premier legal web site with legal listings in African provinces. The web site operates like an online legal magazine. As such, it accepts general legal articles for publication.
    • This site does not carry a lawyer listing. However, if you’re looking to create one or multiple links to your web site and possible gain free exposure, you may submit an article to their database. Here’s how it works. Submit an article between 500 and 1,500 words in any topic area. The article can be either an overview of a particular subject, or general information about a specific issue within that subject. Visibility= D Cost= A+
    • You may list yourself in 5 categories of law for $195 per year.
    Additionally, for a limited time you may sign up and have your listing appear in a related site at for a year. This web site does not have great visibility on the major search engines. Visibility= F Cost= A-
    • Legal fish is exclusively an attorney directory which includes state by state listings in each category of law. As a member attorney, you can receive and respond to electronic and mobile text messaging notifications of posted cases that are of interest to you, and provide these potential clients with a description of your practice, your credentials, and your fee arrangement. There are general listings for one practice area and premium listings for up to 10 practice areas for $420 and $480 for one year respectively. Visibility= F Cost= A
    • This web site is dedicated to providing interpreting services. As part of that web site it includes a directory of attorneys. You may place a law firm listing in the directory at no cost. To acquire a link to your web site you must provide a reciprocal link. Visibility= F Cost= A+
    • A well ranked web site that takes inquiries on legal matters from potential clients and then forwards them on to subscribing attorneys. The best thing about this site is that you are able to track specifically how many leads and clients you receive. This can be a very good investment if you are willing to take the time to craft responses to the questions that provide content and that are likely to lead to clients. I was a member of this site for a year and received more than one inquiry per day. The cost is prohibitive, however, at $6,000 a year (2003 prices). Remember to negotiate, that price may drop to $4,000. Visibility= A Cost= C+
    • online legal resource for law in Malaysia. You may submit your listing and web site at no cost. Sites with an international scope are preferred. Visibility= B+ (in Malaysia anyway) Cost=A+
    • This site is well ranked under keywords related to business lawyers. It provides listings in each area of law. The cost of a listing is unknown. Visibility= B+ Cost= ?
    • offers forms online. It also allows visitors to seek a legal opinion from subscribing attorneys. The link to find information about becoming a subscribing attorney does not appear to function. As a result, this web site may not be fully operational. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • Legal Path is a company that promises to match corporate clients with lawyers. Legal Path presents cases to previously screened lawyers who then offer their services to prospective clients. The site is run by Examen, a legal technology firm that has been earning accolades over the past few years. Back in 2000, Examen was named one of the 500 Fastest Growing U.S. companies. LegalPath contains a registry of credentialed lawyers in a diverse number of practice areas. Corporations can review law firm qualifications and past performance and select a firm based on specific criteria. The service begins with a corporation defining the legal matter. Lawyers then select their area of focus and offer either a flat fee, contingency fee or hourly pricing. The corporation then searches for a lawyer by performance and pricing. The lawyer can then accept or decline the case within 24 hours. Since Legal Path launched just over two years ago, they have assigned more than 20,000 legal matters through their site. Visibility= B- Cost= A+
    • This web site is related to See
    • A this site is exclusively an attorney listing site. A listing is available in each county based on ranking within that county. The cost varies based on county. To be listed first expect to pay $300. Visibility= C- Cost= B-
    • A comprehensive law site with legal articles, books, form and lawyer listings in each area of law. Free listings are available as well as sponsored ads. The web site also offers to publish legal articles which include credit to the author and a link to their web site. Visibility= B- Cost= A+
    • A listing of Attorneys for each State and practice area. The cost is $500 per year for 3 States, 50 Cities, 5 Areas of Law. Visibility= B- Cost= B
    • Look Smart is not a legal directory. Instead it is a general directory search engine. A web site can be listed on the Looks Smart Network based on a cost per click. Due to a Class Action Law Suit, the cost is fairly low at this tine and a listing can generate more than 800 visitors for less than $10 per month. Visibility= A+ Cost= A
    • A very poorly designed site with little content or visibility. The good news is that a listing is free with a reciprocal link exchanged. Visibility= F Cost=A
    • This is a brand new site that offers lawyer listings at a cost of $250 per year. The site looks good, but as a new site, its visibility is limited. Visibility= F Cost= C
    • This is an advertising firm that markets professional directories on Care 11 in Minnesota and maintains an online directory of professionals. To inquire about their marketing services, you must sit through a sales pitch. The hotline is a phone number that is called and connected with a voice mail system that provides a summary for each lawyers office and direct connection to that office. Their web site is rather bland and unattractive. It has no content other than a professional listing. The cost for one area of law is $150 per month ($1,800 per year) plus $150 per year for the web listing. Each additional area has a reduced cost. Visibility= B Cost= C
    • This site has little content and poor looking web site. It provides listings of lawyers by state and area of law. The interface is crude and the listing information sparse. The site has a form to “Add A Listing” at no cost. The listing appears in a general attorney database with lawyers from every state entitled “Lawyer Directory.” You must e-mail the owner of the company for a more specific state listing which will be viewed under the link marked “Find-A-Lawyer.” The cost such a listing is $10 per month for every area with a population of 1 million. For example, if the population of your listing area is 3 Million, the cost is $30 per month. Visibility= D Cost=A-
    • A database for New York state lawyers searchable by county and area of law. A listing costs $29.95 per month in five different areas of law. It also uses the Domain Name Visibility= D Cost=C+
    • The National Legal & Court Professionals Network lists professionals in law including Court reporters, process servers, legal aid and private investigators. The site is relatively new and has low visibility currently. There is a 3 month FREE trial membership and then levels of participation topping out at $250 per year. Visibility= D Cost= B
    • This web site is related to and is a web site dedicated to selling internet marketing services to lawyers. The has no content other than attorney listings. For $199 per year, you may list in up to five practice areas with a hyperlink to your firm web site and a hyperlink to your e-mail. The site does not have great visibility and the listings are not broken down by county within the state. Visibility= D Cost= B
    • This web site is not ranked highly in major search engines under generalized legal phrases or key words. It will provide a link in exchange for a reciprocal link. It also operates two other sites that allow an attorney listing for $195 per area of law per year –lawyer and Visibility= D Cost= A+
    • On this web site only one legal professional appears in each specialty per area per county. This site does not appear to have great visibility although they claim18,000 hits per month (not unique visitors). The cost is $150.00 per month plus a $50.00 set up charge. Visibility= D Cost= B
    • Aaron (whoever he is) operates several legal web sites in the State of California. Most of those web sites are based on each city and its lawyer listings. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This site is almost invisible on the internet and is related to the divorce web site The cost of a listing is $79 per area of law. Visibility= F Cost= A
    • This is a very new web site. It currently has low visibility and limited content. However, at this time attorney listings are included at no cost and attorneys may submit legal articles for publication through an online form. This is a good site to help build links to your firm web site. Visibility= D Cost= A+
    • This is a relatively new web site and is part of a group of 16 web sites,,,, and more. It includes prepaid legal services and attorney listings. Each of the related web sits has low visibility and few attorney listings. The cost is $125.00 per year. Visibility= D Cost= B
    • This is an online yellow pages directory. You can purchase a listing and later modify it. You can pay for a listing or post one for free. The free listings tend to be buried remotely in each category. Visibility= B- Cost= A (free)
    • this web site is also a generalized directory which includes listings under the lawyer category. The listings begin at a cost of $14.95 per month in five areas of law. Visibility= B Cost= A (free)
    • Attorneys may list on a state specific page for $20 per month or $240 per year. Visibility= B- Cost= A
    • I have encountered this web site infrequently in my searches for law firms or legal listing sites. As a result, it appears to have very poor search engine placement. is designed to limit the competition. Only three law firms per directory, per county will be showcased. The web site is set up to be free for potential clients. The site claims three million visitors a year. The cost for lawyers in two areas of law is over $2,400. Visibility= C Cost= C-
    • A rather cheap looking web site with little internet visibility on major search engines. The cost is $135 per year per area of law and State. Visibility= C- Cost= A-
    • This web site is published by a private law firm. It does not provide great exposure, but the listing is free and adds link popularity to your web site. This web site will also publish your legal articles. Visibility= F Cost= A+
    • This web site has exclusive listings at a cost of $249 per year in each area of law. The listing includes a contact person, location, phone, fax, a link to your web site & email address, and space for additional comments. The site often runs a special offering two years for the price of one. Visibility= C Cost= B-
    • A new site with personal injury lawyer listings in all fifty states. This web site currently does not carry any information regarding listing costs. As a new web site, its only visibility comes from pay per click search engines. Visibility= F Cost= ?
    • An attorney directory that is offered courtesy of the Hallstrom detective agency, this web site has low visibility. Visibility= F Cost= A
    • This web site has low visibility on the major search engines. The cost of a listing is $60 per area of law per state. Visibility= D Cost= B
    • This web site will list firms under a general lawyers section in exchange for reciprocal links back. Visibility= F Cost= A+
    • This web site has low visibility on the major search engines. It does have a nice design and ease of navigation. The web site includes article written by lawyers, news, and books from Attorneys may list in different areas of law and by geography in 26 countries around the world. The cost is currently unknown. Visibility= F Cost= ?
    • This is an internet yellow page directory. Listings are free. Visibility is low. Visibility= D+ Cost= A
    • This web site has web site visitors submit their questions through an online form. The inquiry is then submitted to a subscribing attorney in that person’s state. Cost information is unavailable online. Visibility= D Cost= ?


    • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is an organization for divorce lawyers dedicated to developing divorce resources and discussing law. Members are included in a directory available on its web site. This is a good organization to join even those its web site is not well ranked. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This adoption site has many articles related to direct and agency placements. It will be adding attorney listings soon.
    • This web site is an affiliate of See below.
    • This web site is an affiliate of above. The cost of a listing is unknown. Visibility= D Cost= ?
    • This site is focused on selling books and other divorce related materials. It does offer listings in its “Professionals Network” at a cost of $19.95 per month for a minimum of three months. Visibility= A- Cost= C+
    • This web site is not very highly ranked. It also has one purpose, referring cases to listing attorneys. Visibility= C- Cost= ?
    • This web site is a doorway page to See for information. The cost of a listing is $1,500 per year. Visibility= C- Cost= C-
    • A comprehensive divorce related web site with individual pages, bulletin boards and other information for each state. The cost of a listing has increased over the past few hears and now will cost a $2,000 or more per state. Again—negotiate! This site will also publish, at no cost, your articles on their state specific page with a link back to your web site thus increasing the link popularity of your web site. Visibility= A Cost= B-
    • This web site also uses the domain names and It is very similar to DivorceNet. It too has bulletin boards, articles and attorney searches for each state. The cost of a listing on this web site, however, is far more affordable than DivorceNet and will run only a few hundred dollars for the year. It too will publish your legal articles and provide a link back to your web site. Visibility= A Cost= A
    • DivorceHq is related to which covers a wider range of legal categories. This web site is a bit cumbersome and difficult top navigate. Its attorney listings are far less conspicuous than Divorcenet or Divorce Source. Articles that are general in nature will be published and are accessible from the main web site entry page with a link to the author’s web site. The listing cost is based on the number of counties. The cost is $129 for the first county for one year and then discounts apply to additional counties. Visibility= B- Cost= B
    • This web site is specific to the divorce area and lists many kinds of divorce related professionals. The site has some nice features with a divorce online radio program and legal articles written by attorneys. The web site also will publish articles (at a cost) from attorneys that are listed. The cost of a listing is fairly expensive and runs $100 per month for the first area code in which you list with a decreasing fee scale for additional area codes. The site has fair visibility and is generally a second page listing on most search engines. Visibility= B+- Cost= D
    • is a web site hosted by practicing attorney Lee Borden. Over the years Mr. Borden has refined his web site to primarily focus on marketing divorce forms, books and other merchandise. He does have state specific pages and will add links to web sites related to that state if requested. Mr. Borden also has a FAQ form fin each state. If you answer all of the FAQ’s Mr. Borden will place those answers on the state specific page with a link back to your web site. The popularity of this page has fallen in recent years perhaps based on the new focus toward merchandise. Visibility= C Cost= A
    • This is a fairly new web site. It is related to a number of other web sites including:,,,,,,,, Real,,,,, and It has low ranking except for paid listings on Google and on the AskJeeves. The page is not completely functional as of this writing on February 19, 2004. Visibility= B- Cost= ?
    • This site is exclusively a listing site for divorce lawyers without any content of any sort. It has medium visibility on the major search engines. A premier listing includes a link to your home page and e-mail, and allows a description of your firm. (Up to a maximum of 8 lines, subject to editorial revision by our staff) The cost of a premier listing is only $12.50 per month per state, payable in advance for one year. In other words, the total advance payment is $150.00 for a one year listing. Visibility= B- Cost= A
    • This is a very comprehensive site with numerous articles related to divorce. It also includes divorce statistics, newsletters, bulletin boards and listings for divorce related sites in the specific states. A listing (which does not have to be a law office) will cost $200 per year for one state. If you would like a listing in their professional directory, the cost is $450 per state. There are other, more expensive sponsorship options. The site accepts article submissions. Visibility= B- Cost= A
    • This is a web site that appears to have been set up cooperatively by a number of divorce professionals. The site boasts that it has 2000 visitors per day. However, that is from a national, not state specific audience. The site is designed primarily to sell books and forms and lists a number of professionals primarily from the midwest (primarily Michigan). The cost of a listing and a web page is $100 per month. Occasionally the site will run a special offering a listing for $750 if paid in advance. Visibility= B- Cost= C-
    • This web site is related to It has a number of links that do not appear to be related to divorce or family law. The primary focus of the site is to sell DivorceWell products and books. A free links listing is available for a reciprocal link. Visibility= C Cost= A
    • This site includes state laws, books links and divorce professional listings. A basic listing was originally free. However, those basic listings became saturated and the only listing now available is a premium listing at a cost of $165.00 per year. The listing includes three counties for your state. Placement is based upon the order in which you sign up for a listing. The listing includes free submission of up to ten articles per year to the Millennium Divorce, LLP Weekly Newsletter. This is a good site to create links by writing articles. Visibility= B- Cost= A
    • This is a California web site that offers listings to attorneys who practice in the are of negotiating cohabitation agreements and representing unmarried couples in estate planning and division of asset issues. Visibility= B- Cost= ?
    • This web site does not have any directory listings for lawyers. However, it does accept article contributions that are very conspicuously posted on the web site and which includes a link back to the authors web site. This may be a good way to increase the link popularity of your web site. The visibility of this web site is very good as it relates to single mother and mother issues. It is not well ranked under divorce categories. Visibility= B- Cost= A+
    • This web site does not have directory listings for lawyers. However, it will list commercial sites under its legal categories at a cost of . It also accepts legal articles at no cost through an online submission form on the web site. This is a good way to create links. Visibility= B- Cost= A+
    • This web site is designed to sell divorce financial software. It is also includes a directory for lawyers, mediators and other divorce professionals. The site as fair visibility and the cost of a listing is reasonable at $149 per year. Visibility= B Cost= A
    • This web site is run by Susan Allan who has few credentials other than being divorced herself in 1999. She apparently became enlightened in her travels to India and now feels that she is qualified to instruct. The web site refers clients by city to lawyers, mediators and collaborative lawyers. As of January 2004, the site was very new and has low visibility and poor content. The cost of a listing is $100 per year. Visibility= F Cost= B


    • This web site is part of A basic listing is free. Visibility= B+ Cost= A
    • This one of many sites that lists attorneys in a specific area of law. It has low visibility and low cost. The only real benefit is for link popularity and the hopeful stray web site visitor that retains. Visibility= D Cost= C- (Not Recommended)
    • This is the web site of William Head, a DWI lawyer in Georgia. Mr. Head hawks his own books on his site and seminars that he sponsors for DWI called the WI college. The good thing about the seminars is that if you go there is a good chance you can be listed on Mr. Head’s attorney list for attorneys in other states. Visibility= C+ Cost= B
    • This web site is affiliated with and redirects to CriminalDefense below
    • This web site has a similar domain name for each page and can also be accessed at and and in each state with domain names such as The web site has a strategic partnership with Google wherein any searches for Criminal Defense Lawyer brings up this web site. It is also well ranked on other search engines under that same search term. Visibility= A Cost= ?
    • This web site is sponsored by the National Motorists Association. The cost for a listing related to Traffic Law Issues is $15 per month. Visibility= C+ Cost= C-
    • Speeding tickets and lawyers for speeding tickets are listed on this site. Cost of a listing is unavailable.
    • (consultwebs) has a number of web sites in different areas of law that have attorney listings. Listings are offered for premium placement (not recommended) and free for basic listings. The visibility of these sites is not great but it improves your web site’s link popularity. Visibility= D+ Cost= A+


    • The American Immigration Lawyers Association is a very well ranked web site which will come up on the first page in most immigration related searches. It has a significant amount of content in the form of legal articles and links and includes a searchable immigration attorney database. AILA requires a membership for a listing. With a membership an attorney is provided access to documents, newsletters, books, immigration CLE’s and a network of colleagues in the immigration profession. The price is reasonable with fees for national an chapter membership. Attorneys admitted to practice for less than 3 years $295. Attorneys admitted to practice for 3 years or more $395. Minnesota Chapter $65. Visibility= A+ Cost= A-
    • The immigration Law Web site is also an extremely visible web site that comes up in most immigration searches on the major search engines. It too is content based with numerous articles, laws and links. Just like AILA, ILW also requires a membership for a listing. With a membership an attorney is provided access to documents, newsletters, books, immigration CLE’s. The web site boasts that it receives 50,000+ immigrant site visitors per month. The cost is fairly high at $1,800 per year. Visibility= A+ Cost= B-
    • Listings are available only if you purchase their immigration software. Visibility= B- Cost= ?
    • This is purely a web site that list lawyers. It has no independent content. It has moderate visibility. The cost is inexpensive at $150.00 for a one year listing. Visibility= C Cost= A


    • This web site also uses and construction This is site appears top be purely an attorney and mediator listing web site with little content. It has a good number of subscribing attorneys. The cost is $25 per month. Visibility= B Cost= B-
    • A very well ranked site that comes up first on Google under the search term Construction Lawyers. It includes a state by state attorney and expert database and accepts articles written by lawyers. Visibility= A Cost= ?


    • This web site is related to a web site development firm that runs a number of legal web sites. It is well ranked and has strategic partnerships with Google. Visibility= B Cost= ?


    • This web site is related to a web site development firm that runs a number of legal web sites. It is well ranked and has strategic partnerships with Google. Visibility= B Cost= ?


    • This web site is related to a web site development firm that runs a number of legal web sites. It is well ranked and has strategic partnerships with Google. Visibility= B Cost= ?


    • This is a nice web site with good content and many links to topical material. Visibility= C Cost= ?


    • This web site is related to a web site development firm that runs a number of legal web sites. It is well ranked and has strategic partnerships with Google. Visibility= B Cost= ?
    • Medical This web site is related to a web site development firm that runs a number of legal web sites. It is well ranked and has strategic partnerships with Google. Visibility= B Cost= ?
    • This web site is related to a web site development firm that runs a number of legal web sites. It is well ranked and has strategic partnerships with Google. Visibility= B Cost= ?
    • This web site has poor ranking and little content. It is somewhat confusing how attorneys list with them. Clients submit an online form or call a 800 number. The person is then connected with an attorney for a free consultation. The web site indicates that it does not charge attorneys to be part of their referral network which implies to me that they are paid when personal injury cases settle and they receive part of the proceeds. Visibility= D Cost= ?


    Just because a legal site does not include lawyer listings, it does not mean that a strategic partnership cannot be obtained or that a link exchange cannot be brokered. Often it pays to contact a law related site to offer articles for publication or a link exchange.

    • Nolo Press is a market that has as its focus the legal environment. However, its links include sales information related to houses, mortgages, software, computers and more.
    • This is a web site created by the law firm of Cordell and Cordell to market services toward father’s and men’s rights. It has a good ranking in many search engines under divorce terms.
    • This site has visitors submit questions that are presumably sent to lawyers for a response. There is no explanation on the web site regarding listings or costs.
    • This is a web site created by, among others, attorney Robert Shapiro. (Think O.J. Case). The web site sells legal forms, has a tele-law service where people can speak to a lawyer for $3.00 a minute ($180 per hour for those who are mathematically challenged). The site appears to have lawyer listings although the cost is undisclosed.
    • This site sells books and other documents related to divorce.

  18. dan
    September 3, 2004 | 6:24 pm

    I worked at LegalMatch, and they are very underhanded and flexible with the truth. They will call as many attorneys as need be in a given area claming they have x number of cases available without an attorney. They will engage several at a time, and unless you have been disbarred, whoever’s check clears first is taken. I was suspicious of the practices the company employs by having everyone working solely on 100 percent commission. They take advantage of a high turnover, that is the result of upfront dishonesty by Randy Wells. The founder of company has been charged by the FBI with trying to damage the competitor(and lot less expensive rival voicemails.) I would not take any of the sales of reps at their word.

  19. G.
    September 6, 2004 | 11:55 am

    I am a former sales rep/independent contractor for Legal Match. I did not make any sales. I was not able to sell “the dream” to some very lovely attorneys who took the time to do “the demo and interview”. Instead of selling “the dream”, I had a NIGHTMARE at the first of the month, when the rent was due. I went for the commission-based sales job because it seemed other people were doing well. After working at Legal Match one month, no one on my team at any sales. The bulletin board was blank. I’m sorry that I worked hard without making any money, but at least I didn’t negotiate any committments with attorneys, that might turn out to be dissapointing. This service is a gamble for attorneys willing to pay BIG fees.

  20. Nate
    October 4, 2004 | 2:46 am


    It’s unfortunate that so many postings on here seem to be casting a negative shadow on a service that has helped me out, not just on one occasion, but TWICE. LegalMatch’s service is truly extraordinary in that the normal “little guy” like myself can access a wide range of legal talent without having to ask around for a good attorney. In both instances, with two different lawyers, I was able to settle my cases in a timely and affordable manner, and found this FREE service to be everything it says it is.

    Admittedly, I am a consumer and not a lawyer, so I’m not familiar with their marketing practices – however, as a legal service they offer a tremendous value and I would think twice before giving them a bad wrap on your web site.

    thanks for reading-


  21. E. Johnson
    October 19, 2004 | 3:58 pm

    I have to agree with Kevin coming from the Casepost side. At least LegalMatch comes up in every search! Casepost has demostrated numerous unethical actions and churns it’s employees. Currently they are now going to sell (franchise)terratories to Sales people since they have had such a tremendous turn over becasue of their deceptive allogations and incopetance. They made 100% false representation of themselves to employees and to Attorney’s. They can not deliver any of their promises—Mostly due to incopetant aggressive deceptive management. They are now aggressively trying to raise capitol to fund a national advertising campain since Attorney’s are demanding a refund in their monies since they cannot deliver everything they promise! I could name, names! If I was approached by Casepost to invest in their company, I would run for the hills. They are very clever at presenting themsleves as above board but once you figure out their motive of operation you would deeply regret all the hard time and energy you would have invested. Great concept to a win-win situation that was totally copied by Casepost from LegalMatch & LendingTree. In order to fly ahead of the crowd, Casepost needs to get rid of both of their Director of Sales and find some creative solutions to solve their ego based selling BS! When a company makes strait out lies to it’s customers AND employees to empower themselves, it will catch up with them eventally.

  22. Lance Burton
    October 29, 2004 | 1:16 am

    For an informed response to the many comments listed here with respect to LegalMatch please review the items at the following site.
    link to

  23. M. Proctor
    January 4, 2005 | 1:58 pm

    I just went on an interview at LegalMatch. I have many years experience in sales and extensive knowlege of the law. From what I saw there I would be comfortable recomending them as a professional company who is very commited to providing a very needed service to the “little guy” as well as hard working Lawyers.

  24. anonymous
    January 21, 2005 | 9:50 pm

    This morning, I ended a call with a LegalMatch salesperson after an hour. The conversation, if it can be called that, was pretty much a classic boilerroom pitch. The point of the pitch was not provide me with information that would help me make a business decision, but to manipulate and control me at every turn, even if that meant insulting me, to try to draw me deeper into the pitch.

    At one point, it seemed that the sales person was trying to impress me by telling me that though he was not a lawyer, he had significant post conviction and appellate experience in the federal criminal justice system. I didn’t stop to ask, but I can only assume that by that he meant he was an ex-con!

    He made multiple statements about the way their internal processes work and the aims of their business which were utterly inconsistent with common sense. Though he was a native english speaker, his poor use of the langugage betrayed his pretended sophistication in business and legal matters.

    I ended the call when he refused, after multiple requests by me, to explain the basic terms of the program. He told me that he hadn’t yet evaluated my fitness for their program. Of course he meant that he hadn’t yet been able to build sufficient control over the conversation to ensure that I would say yes when he finally did attempt the close.

    I can’t imagine giving them any of my money. I’ll be suprised if they are still in business in 2 years.

  25. maurey
    February 2, 2005 | 9:22 am

    If you examine the response by Randy “Slick” Wells, who is now the CEO of the company, you can begin to get an idea of how unethical this company is. For example, he states:

    “In fact, close to half of our attorney allocation managers have their J.D. and many have been in practice.”

    This is obviously complete nonsense, as only a small amount of their salespeople possess their JD Degree. Think of the absurdity of his statement, that close to HALF possess their JD (a position that pays ZERO SALARY and NO BENEFITS, yet HALF of these people have their JD?)

    These types of fabrications indicate what little regard Wells has for the truth. (Along with other management like Lance Burton, who works on a nice salary and yet has no problem bashing ex LegalMatch contractors who’ve been upset for getting takin of advantage of by LegalMatch)

    Wells’ claim that they “uphold their attorney relationships in the highest regard” is exposed for the lie that it is.

    Think about it for a moment. The company is established, yet the important role of ‘Allocation Manager’ – the people they hire to “interview” and sign up new attorneys are paid NO SALARY.

    If those people are only paid when they complete a sale, how serious can they be about promoting ethical practices??

    This is part of the reason that their New York office has shut down due to the huge of amounts of people who walk out on them.

    Always watch out for characters like Randy Wells and Lance Burton, especially when dealing with the sensitive issue of acquiring new clients.

  26. Randy Wells
    February 3, 2005 | 2:18 pm

    I’m not sure who you are, but, I would appreciate you posting your contact information so that we might talk. We embarked on a program to hire people with law backgrounds in the hopes of bringing up the professionalism of the process. We contracted many attorneys, former attorneys, para-legals etc. A large portion had completed their JD. Some did well, others didn’t. I prefer contracting people with a law background so that they understand the world in which our member attorneys are involved.

    We are no longer a commission only based company.
    We offer a Training Allowance plan, that provides a stipend during our 3 month training process. Yes, I said 3 months! We invest a significant amount of money in the people we contract because the process is very sophisticated. I get calls and emails all the time from “great salespeople” who tell me how they can do the “one call close”. Let me tell you something: I don’t like pressure closes, and our attorneys don’t like it either. I will expand on this shortly in this blog. Suffice it to say, we don’t contract those types of people anymore. I am not “slick”, nor untruthful.
    We are trying very hard to create a company that honors the consumers that have come to us for help. They trust us to help them find the right attorney.
    Maurey, I think I know who you are, and we were forced to terminate your contract due to the un-ethical part of your sales practices that violated your agreement with LegalMatch. You know it, and I know it. So, if you would like to call me, please do.
    The New York office was closed temporarily because we found that we could not support the training and processes in that office. When we re-open, it will be under our new training system. Our goal is to serve the public, and our member attorneys, in the most credible way possible. If we have a situation where we don’t feel the company goals and the support systems are in harmony, then we have to make changes.

    Randy Wells

  27. Maurey
    February 8, 2005 | 4:17 pm


    All you need to know about me is that I don’t like people getting abused: and thats exactly what you do.

    By examining your response we can gain a better understanding of what little regard for the truth you have.

    ‘We embarked on a program to hire people with law backgrounds in the hopes of bringing up the professionalism of the process.’

    Your false claim of having a sales team staffed w/ nearly 50% JD holders, is not validated by stating you embarked on a ‘program’ to hire more people with a law background.

    *Of course you’d WANT former attorney’s to work for you, for a myraid amount of reasons. This however, is completely different from THEM actually choosing to work for you, which is what you claimed.

    ‘We are no longer a commission only based company.’
    ‘We offer a Training Allowance plan, that provides a stipend during our 3 month training process.’

    So I take it that you’re still not paying your managers any salary?

    Knowing the sensitivity involved in legal matters, your company has been paying those individuals resposible for all new attorney memberships no salary?

    If your managers’ only source of income derives from completing a sale, what kind of incentives are you creating for honesty and transparency?

    Do LegalMatch member attorneys know that 20% of their membership fees are paid to salespeople as commissions?

    ‘The New York office was closed temporarily because we found that we could not support the training and processes in that office.’

    This pattern of lies, cover ups, and more lies is rampant throughout LegalMatch’s history.

    Stay tuned more lies to be exposed soon!

  28. Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs
    February 19, 2005 | 5:52 pm

    LegalMatch Apologizes?

    Matt Homman reports over at the [non]billable hour that LegalMatch apologizes for some heavy handed sales practices Matt and other lawyers experienced in dealing with LegalMatch. The apology came in the form of a letter from the CEO of LegalMatch…

  29. roz
    March 15, 2005 | 1:49 pm

    Just got a call from Mahima Achuthan of Really OBNOXIOUS sales call. When I asked for references she said she needed to make a decision on an attorney by Thursday and she really need to move on. so I hung up on her. Whatever.

  30. roz
    March 15, 2005 | 1:58 pm

    Just got a call from Mahima Achuthan of Really OBNOXIOUS sales call. When I asked for references she said she needed to make a decision on an attorney by Thursday and she really need to move on. so I hung up on her. Whatever.

  31. Just Testing
    June 3, 2005 | 11:05 pm

    Posted by: Nate | October 4, 2004 02:46 AM

    I am a former sales rep/independent contractor for Legal Match. I did not make any sales. I was not able to sell “the dream” to some very lovely attorneys who took the time to do “the demo and interview”. Instead of selling “the dream”,
    Unlike Nate I can sell the dream and “the pain.” After six months being part of this cult though, I am about to move on. If I had any doubts about my decision, I sure don’t now after reading this posts.

    I knew all this stuff was out there buty avoided reading it because I was in denial. I must say though I disagree with some of the stuff posted though. For example, 20% total commission payout is not exorbitant, especially when that is usually split up between 3 or 4 people.

    Someone complained about Mahima Achutan, she is a very sweet person and never rude or condescending when I heard her. She saw the light and is going back to law school.

    I am kind of disappointed not to see my name up somewhere in the blogs…oh well.

    Anyway, no one, as far as I know has touched upon or really grasps the “secret” of how, even with all of the negative publicity, that Legal Match is able to be successful as it is. Number one, the model is really, really good and does, theorretically, serve a niche.

    But number two, LM has created a sales process that is absolutely extraordinary and NO ONE HERE (as far as I can see) has a clue as to how we/they operate.

    I will be providing the details in a later post after I formally sever my ties.

  32. Julia Lane-Anderson
    November 4, 2005 | 8:46 pm

    I was very impressed when someone from your site made contact with my company to purchase the Talk About It Divorce conversation cards. They were going to give these to their clients as a way to let them know they were a caring law firm that cared not only about the money, but about the well being of the children.

  33. Anonamouse
    June 8, 2006 | 10:05 am

    Odd that someone sitting on the ADVISORY BOARD at link to would be against LegalMatch.

    Way to be ethical and two faced. Oh yeah, Randy Wells is the CEO over there now. Odd bedfellows.

  34. How to Pick Up Girls
    June 22, 2006 | 2:56 pm

    both companies do very little to market there websites on the internet.

  35. Elena Ruth
    December 13, 2006 | 2:35 pm

    I sold for LegalMatch for a short time, approximately 3 months, which was about 2 months too long. The problem is, when you take a great salesperson, get them excited about a business plan/brand and make them believe there is value to the client, it may well take them more than a month to admit that they made a mistake and must flee as soon as possible. And, if you put a sales person on a commission only plan, they start looking at the projected revenue, looking to pay day, vs. looking at the day to day realities of the business. That said, I’ve not heard on this blog about the whereabouts of the then VP Sales, Paul Mush. He was unbelievable- one of a kind- in the very worst way. He was the person pushing the sales tactics, tricky voicemail crap, etc. I chose not to use the tactics the way presented and rather made friendly, honest, consultative sales calls, perfectly willing to take the “no”, Sure, I needed to call more people, but I was unwilling to mislead to my gain. Perhaps this is because my father is an attorney? Perhaps this is because I like to believe sales is more about very clever marketing and convincing personalities than trickery. The point here is that every company needs to sell, and that includes asking for the time of people who feel too busy to have a sales conversation. I asked nicely and sold, from what I am told, as much in my first three months as anyone ever had. Upon hearing that, I thought “I must be a damn good sales person, then, since I’m doing it nicely and it still works… I think I’ll go sell something better and more expensive.” That, and the fact that the taste in the air in that icky boiler-room environment was sapping all the good stuff from my soul. The point is, more than the business model or potentially shady (desperate?) business practices of the CEO… look to the ring leader of the sales team for the rotten roots… the sales folks are branches from that very tree. My two cents…

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