Only Four Days Left …

My birthday is coming up on Saturday, and compliments of Angie McKaig, I found this site titled, “Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age.” I turn 36, here’s my competition:

Barthelemy Thimmonier developed the world’s first practical sewing machine.

Walter Hunt devised a modern sewing machine.

Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove.

Robert Jarvik invented a pneumatically powered heart .

German chemist Friedrich August Kekule discovered the ring structure of the benzene molecule in a dream.

English navigator George Vancouver explored Vancouver island.

Four days left, better get to work.

One Response to Only Four Days Left …
  1. Yvonne DiVita
    August 4, 2004 | 3:37 pm

    I KNEW you had to be a Leo! Me, too! Happy Birthday, a couple of days early. Mine is past…well, will be in a few hours, but hope yours is fun and frolicky…if there is such a word. Cheers!

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