Two “Wrongs” can make a “Right”

David Batstone, in the Worthwhile blog, tells us to Make Promises We Can Keep.  One of his four tips:

Turn your mistakes into opportunities for invention. That is how CEO Jeff Bezos keeps his company on a creative edge. Bezos says that he reviews the Amazon site every Saturday and lists the 10 things that are “wrong,” and that sets his agenda for Monday morning. “Perfect people” are boring…and delude themselves about their imperfections.

I really like this idea.  Ten "wrong" things are a bit overwhelming for a small organization, but maybe two or three.  I think a perfect compliment to Bezos’ method would be to identify three things that are "right" and take the week to make them incrementally better.

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    January 27, 2005 | 12:01 pm

    Perfect People Are Boring

    Via Matt Homann, some advice on seeing ourselves realistically, and learning from mistakes.

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