Resolutions for Lawyers Redux – Day 14

As we approach the New Year, some reflection is in order, so here’s today’s resolution:  Resolve to write down the most important lesson you learned in 2005.   For some inspiration, check out Dave Pollard’s list.  Here a few of his lessons lawyers should learn:

 23. The customer has all the power in our economy. We just don’t realize it yet.

20. You know much more than you can say and you can say much more than you can write down. So if you want to share what you know, forget about writing it down, converse with me, or better still, show me. 

17. People learn more from stories than from even the most brilliant analytical discourse. 

12. We need to find the things that are at the intersection of what we love doing, what we do well, and what is needed — and then do them. 

9. Complicated ‘solutions’ don’t work if the ‘problem’ is complex. Forget root cause analysis, systems thinking, and easy answers. Engage a lot of people in conversations, observe, listen, pay attention, be open, and allow possible approaches to such situations to emerge. 

4. Frames matter. You’ll never convince anyone of anything until you understand her frame of reference. And you’ll never convince anyone of anything until she’s ready to be convinced. 

2. What most people want, women and men alike, is a little attention and a little appreciation. We need to be much more generous with these things, even more generous than we are with material things, and our knowledge and our love

And here’s last year’s resolution:

Think of your best client.  Now, go print out the MacKay 66.  How many of these questions can you answer?

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