Resolutions for Lawyers Redux – Day 9

Resolve to buy a digital camera to leave in the office.  You can use it two ways:

First, take a photo of every client you meet with.  Keep the picture in the client’s file so everytime you pick up the file (or access it digitally) you are reminded of who you are working for.  You can also keep a private “face book” to review from time to time in case you have a hard time “putting a name with a face.”  This also helps avoid those embarassing moments you see a client in public in a different context, and can’t remember his/her name.

Second, take a picture of you and your happy client shaking hands after the representation ends (or when a favorable result is reached).  Put the picture in a binder titled “Our Happy Clients” and leave it in your waiting room.  Make sure to get each client’s permission first! (thanks to Michael Cage for this one, originally blogged about here).

Here’s last year’s resolution:

This one is easy, and should be on all of our "to do" lists everyday.  Think about that one person who helps you the most to do what you do (for me, it is my secretary Janelle).  Go to that person today and thank them. 

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  1. Portrait Photography
    September 12, 2006 | 2:51 am

    This idea is really useful for lawyers to keep track of the personal records of their clients. This can also help them avoid embarrassing situations like forgetting their client’s name.

    This idea is two thumbs up!!

    Best Regards,

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