Resolutions III: December 12

Yesterday, I posted about a way to have more ideas by taking a walk with a small camera.  Here’s how to get your entire organization into the habit:

Step One:  Get your office a camera (even better, get everyone in your office a camera).

Step Two:  Take turns choosing a particular object, thing, or shape of the week. 

Step Three:  Ask everyone to take pictures of the subject of the week. 

Step Four:  Upload all of the photos taken to a common location (like Flickr).

Step Five:  Discuss the best photos at a weekly staff meeting. 

Step Six.  Pick the best photos each week, print them out, make the photographers “sign” them, and then frame them. 

Step Seven:  Throw out your store-bought “art” and hang up your new original artwork.

INNOVATION BONUS:  Instead of choosing an object, thing, or shape, identify a challenge your office is facing.  Ask your budding photographers to take pictures like before, but suggest they make each picture relate to the challenge (or its solution) in some way – no matter how tenuous the connection.  At you weekly meeting, have everyone explain how/why their photos relate to either the challenge or the solution.



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