Resolutions III: December 7

Is one of your resolutions to get more business?  Here are some ways to do just that:

1.  Make a list of the one industry you serve best (or that you’d like to serve better). 

2.  Ask someone familiar with the industry what periodicals everyone reads. 

3.  Subscribe to (and read) those magazines.

4.  Leave them in your waiting room when you’re done.   

Extra Credit:

1.  Submit articles to the magazine(s) that demonstrate your legal expertise.

2.  Attend trade shows advertised in the magazines.  Make sure everyone you meet knows the only reason you are there is to learn more about the industry you serve.

3.  Host a quarterly or twice-yearly event highlighting industry trends for local industry members.  If there is some sort of continuing education requirment in the industry, get your event certified.

Extra, Extra Credit:

1.  Compile all of the important materials, books, magazines, etc. for the industry in your office.

2.  Call this an “Industry Lending Library” or something similar.

3.  Make sure everyone in the industry knows they can stop by and borrow what they need (and not have to subscribe to/buy the materials themselves).

4.  Write a “Best Of” Report for each conference you attend.  Mail it to each industry member in your community.  Or blog it.

Extra, Extra, Extra Credit:

1.  Send me $5,000 as soon as someone identifies you as an “Industry Expert.”  ;-) 

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