Resolutions III: December 8

Here’s an easy one.  Tomorrow, for an hour:

1.  Unplug your office from the internet.

2.  Send your phones to voicemail (and make sure the ringer is off, too).

3.  Have everyone in your office make a list of something, but don’t have them sign it.  Thinks like:

  • The things I need most to make my job easier/better/more fun.
  • The thing(s) our competitors do WAY better than we do.
  • The thing(s) we do WAY better than our competitors.
  • Our favorite clients.
  • Our least favorite clients.
  • The things that I’d change around here, if only I were boss.
  • If given $1000, I’d buy ______ for the office.
  • My/Our biggest challenge is …

4.  Every 10 minutes, put all the lists in a pile on a table, and have everyone pick another one. 

5.  After the end of the hour, share the lists with everyone.  Leave them somewhere they can be added to.

6.  At your staff meetings, discuss one list each week.

Now, go check your voicemail.

One Response to Resolutions III: December 8
  1. Andrew Flusche
    December 19, 2006 | 2:14 pm

    I like your idea. This is really cool. I’ll bet some good things can come out of little sessions like this. I’ll have to remember this one.

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