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See You in NYC!

Forgive the light posting, but it has been crazy lately.  I’m off tomorrow for ALM’s LegalTech in NYC.  If you’d like to meet up, drop me a line at or call me at 618-407-3241.  I hope to see you there.

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Cheap Customers = Bad Customers

Some good advice for new lawyers in this article titled Do Cheapskates Make the Best Early Customers.

Hand-y Advertising for DUI Lawyers

Check out this post from Ankesh Kothari about a Bombay nightclub that stamps a public service message on the hands of entering patrons.  DUI lawyers, you’ve got to see the picture, and think about paying a bar to use a rubber stamp with your phone number on it to stamp the hands of everyone who enters the bar.  When they get pulled over later that night, they’ll know who to call.  Not sure if ethics-safe, but inspiring nonetheless.

A Tip for Parents

Here’s an absolutely brilliant tip for traveling with young children from Parent Hacks:

When we go to crazy places like amusement parks and fairs, we just use a Sharpie and write on the kids’ stomachs “My mom’s cell # is….” The kids are all drilled on what to do if they get lost, and we have photos of them at Disneyland and everywhere else, flashing their bellies with the emergency plan.