Ultra-Rapid Focus Group

Kathy Sierra talks about an Ultra-Rapid-Design Party with some great brainstorming tips that I’m going to shamelessly steal for my Idea Markets and Innovation Retreats.  Here’s how she describes it:

Forget focus groups. Forget endless meetings and brainstorming sessions. Throw an ultra-rapid-design party, and do it in a single day. This approach exploits the wisdom-of-crowds through a process of enforced idea diversity and voting, so no consensus, committee, or even agreement is needed. And it’s way more fun.

The Product Design Dinner Party takes 9 people, a pile of diverse “inputs”, and has each of the 9 people voting on–and pitching–one another’s ideas to continuously reconfigured groups of 3 people, letting the best ideas rise to the top. The process is a little complicated, but it’s derived/modified from an existing rapid-prototyping design I’ll talk about later in the post.

Go to the post for a step-by-step guide.  Definitely worth a try.

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