Monthly Archives: June 2007

AILA Presentation

Here’s the presentation I did at the AILA convention on Building an Innovative Firm.  I’d love to know what you think, though it loses a lot without my narration to accompany the primarily visual slides.  All but four of the photos used are ones I’ve taken myself. (Direct Slideshare Link)

Did You Know?

Here’s a video you may have seen, as reimagined and updated by XPLANE, my new employer.

PowerPointing Audiences to Death

I’m going to be posting my presentation from the AILA conference later today.  Until I do, check out this video:  How NOT to Make a Powerpoint.

Get Your Message Out

I really like this idea from Seth Godin about how he promoted Squidoo at a trade show:

Here’s what we did: we printed 600 t-shirts with a long, hand-written letter on the front, explaining how Squidoo helps eBayers. And we gave the shirt away to anyone willing to wear it. The incentive? Each day, Megan picked someone who was wearing the shirt and gave that person $9,000 worth of ads on Squidoo.

Within an hour, you saw orange t-shirts on the show floor. By the second day, every single t-shirt was taken and more than 5% of all the people there were wearing the shirts.

Total cost: $3,000. (plus the ads).

I really think something similar could work for lawyers or legal vendors at trade shows.  I’d love to give it a try!

Makin’ it Purty

Spending the next few days tweaking the new design.  Let me know what you think, and forgive the mess.

LinkedIn Tips.

If you are new to LinkedIn, or want to figure out ways to use it better, check out this guide from Web Worker Daily.

What Can Google Do?

Here’s an interesting look at all of the Google Labs products from Mashable.  Worth a look, especially if you spend all your Google time in the search box.

Remind Yourself It is Your Money You’re Not Earning

Just got back from the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association annual convention.  I presented twice there, hosted an Idea Market and an Idea Gallery (more on those later) and hung out with a bunch of cool immigration law practitioners.

One tip I shared at a round table discussion that really resonated with a practitioner who had a mountain of accounts receivables is this one:

Every month, when you print out your bills and your accounts receivable statement, clip a family photo to the top of the stack.  Whenever you are tempted to write down a bill or not try to collect on one, look at your family before you make the decision.  While there are dozens of great reasons to reduce a bill or not collect upon an amount owed, every dollar you don’t collect is a dollar your family doesn’t get to spend on something important, or you don’t get to donate to a worthy cause.