Ten Rules for Presentations Slides

Here’s are the slides for my “Ten Rules for Presentations” posted to Slideshare.  Enjoy!

2 Responses to Ten Rules for Presentations Slides
  1. drjimsellner PhD.,DipC.
    August 18, 2009 | 2:55 pm

    These Ten Rules are BANG on! man.
    especially #3.
    thank you.
    dr jim sellner, PhD., DipC.

  2. Sebastian A. Hoeges
    August 18, 2009 | 3:30 pm

    I think your Rules pretty much cover the topic. I’m especially grateful for #7.

    –> If you just read the slides, you’re wasting my time – I might as well just download them and read them myself (and safe the time and trouble to go to the conference/CLE/whatever).

    However, I AM occasionally happy to read a slide with lots of text – after all, I’m there because I want to know more about the topic of the presentation. I *REALLY DON’T* care for slides that have only a couple of words on them.

    Thank you for your blog and your Tweets.

    Sebastian A. Hoeges, LL.M. (on Twitter following you as @shoeges)

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