Resolve to Apologize Better


Everyone makes mistakes.  Even lawyers.  That's why, in 2010, you should Resolve to Apologize Better.  

Why apologize?  Apologies increase client loyalty and reduce malpractice exposure.  But how do you apologize better?  Practice! 

Here's a great guide from Psychology Today (about apologizing to women) that sets out the six mandatory elements a good apology:

1. Acknowledge the Wrongful Act

2. Acknowledge that You Have [Caused Harm].

3. Express Your Remorse

4. State Your Intention Not to Repeat

5. Offer to Make Amends

6. Seek Forgiveness

Read the entire article for examples of language you should and shouldn't use, and practice apologizing.  You may find a well-timed apologize helps you as much as it helps your relationship with your client.

One Response to Resolve to Apologize Better
  1. DannymJohnson
    December 30, 2009 | 4:25 pm

    I apologize for reading your blog throughout the year and not making comments.

    I apologize for not apologizing earlier.

    I apologize for spending too much time eating waffles.

    I apologize for not practicing my apologies enough and you can tell by my mediocre apologies.

    Sincerely Sorry,

    Danny J

    P.S. Practice makes perfect and I feel like I’ve improved my apologies!

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