For the Low Monthly Cost of …

File this one in the "If Doctors Can Do It…" file.  Qliance is one of a number of medical startups that aim to deliver high-quality care directly to consumers for a monthly fee — without involving insurance providers at all.  From the website:

We're using a monthly membership approach to health care, cutting out insurance and going directly to our patients to provide the most comprehensive, high quality primary care out there. The Qliance membership approach means you can see your doctor whenever you need to – even after work and on weekends. By eliminating the hassles of insurance, we are able to put our patients first and return control of your health care to you and to your doctor.

What services could you offer to your prospective clients on a monthly-fee basis?  Before you dismiss that question out of hand, check out the Qliance site.  If doctors can deliver high-quality medical service to patients (whenever and wherever they need them) for a set monthly fee, surely lawyers can do it for their clients.  Right?

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