Does Your Website Look Like Everyone Else’s

Ross Fishman has a great roundup of 25 Legal Marketing Cliches to Avoid using on your website, business cards and marketing materials.  His top ten (and the message they really convey):

  1. Globe/Map (We did a deal in Toronto once)
  2. Shaking hands (We’re your partner.)
  3. Building/Architectural detail (We work in a building!)
  4. Skylines (We work in a city!)
  5. Columns/Courthouse (We’re lawyers!)
  6. Gavel (Yup, we’re lawyers.)
  7. Lightbulbs (We have good ideas.)
  8. Chess Pieces (We’re strategic.)
  9. Diverse Conference Room (Stock photo)
  10. Smiling Lawyers (People work here!)

I’m a bit surprised the scales of justice didn’t crack the top ten (they were #11), but agree with his entire list.  Do you see any of these images on your website?

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