About Matt Homann

Matt Homann is the founder of LexThink, a legal innovation consultancy that delivers conferences, retreats and workshops for lawyers and other professionals who want to embrace creative ways to grow their businesses and serve their clients better.

As a dynamic “innovational” speaker, Matt shares innovative pricing strategies, creative marketing techniques, cutting-edge ideas from other industries and professions and proven customer service principles.

As a creative facilitator, Matt helps smart people think together better in engaging, unique and effective ways. He’s worked around the world with legal professionals, and with executives from companies like McDonald’s, HP, IBM, British Petroleum, Nokia, DuPont and Microsoft.

Matt is also the author of the award-winning legal blog “the [non]billable hour,” where he shares innovative ways for lawyers and other professionals be better at what they do.  In 2009, he was named a “Legal Rebel” by the American Bar Association Journal.

A recovering lawyer, Matthew has been an idea collector his whole life. He lives in St. Louis with his wife Jessica and ten-year old daughter, Grace.

Download Matt’s Bio (pdf)

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If you’d like to reach me, here’s how:

Email: Matt@LexThink.com

Phone: 314-266-9635

Skype: matthomann

Mail: 4260 West Pine,, St. Louis MO  63108


Some more places you can find me:

Twitter:  MattHomann

LinkedIn: Profile

Flickr: My Photos

Google Reader: Some Blog Posts I Like


About the Blog

I started this blog in 2004, when I was a solo practitioner in Highland, Illinois looking to reinvent my practice.  It was a place for me to share the things I found that I believed would make lawyers (and specifically me) better at serving clients and making money.

As one of the first blogs about alternative fees, legal marketing and client service, it quickly gained a somewhat underserved place on the “must read” lists of many early legal innovators.  It introduced me to amazing people and gave me the courage to try new things and explore new opportunities, both in and out of law practice.

In the nearly eight years and eighteen hundred posts since it began, this blog has become my proudest professional achievement.   Though I no longer practice law, I have the good fortune to remain involved in the legal industry and work with lawyers nearly every day, and I cling to this blog as my way to give back to all the amazing lawyers I’ve grown to know and respect.

Thank you for reading!  I’ll strive to deserve your attention, keep you engaged and give you an interesting idea or insight along the way.

Matt Homann 6/23/11